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  1. Malazahn7 months ago

    They aren't what?

  2. Mell
    Mell7 months ago

    No need for god to blood sacrifice himself to himself.

  3. Akijin7 months ago

    If you think that interview was “off the cuff you’re in need of some critical thinking skills yourself. That was an entirely scripted interview full of powder puff feel good questions typically thown at idiotic leftists by agenda driven idiotic leftist media entities. I guarantee he practiced the interview in the mirror to accentuate the inflection of his eyebrows to dramatically increase his seemingly critical thinking powers. He’s taking one on one lessons from Jim Acosta

  4. Malagul
    Malagul7 months ago

    My daily devotional readings have been about how bad the world will become also about how demons will be working hard to get us to follow that old devil. We need to stand strong in our faith and always be on guard.

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